So, you’ve decided that now is the right time to sell your home. You’ve listed the property, the real estate agent has begun promoting your house, and you have potential homebuyers putting forward offers.

However, your property might fall the building and pest inspection, unless you are careful enough. For any owner, this is a nightmare, and it means you have to stop the sale until you resolve the situation.

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Therefore, before initiating the sale, make sure your home is pest free, and pest inspection professional can help you identify the problem.

Termite control

It might seem obvious, but properties that are already protected are more appealing to potential buyers than those that aren’t. Of course, you can install a termite barrier, but that’s not always necessary.

On the other hand, if your home is considered high risk, then you will reassure future buyers and make them comfortable about their investment. Of course, you should have the property thoroughly inspected before you take any course of action.

The high-risk conditions include the following factors:

      • Your area of residence is well known for termite infestation
    • You live in wet and damp climate conditions
  • Termite activity is extremely high

Reveal your previous infestation problems

You shouldn’t be alarmed when you discover pest infestation because this is a common issue for many properties. Therefore, a trained professional can detect any termite infestation affecting your property.

Usually, there are holes drilled around your home, which shows the presence of termites. If that’s the case, then you should be completely honest. Also, this information should be present in paperwork and revealed to all interested parties.

When is pest inspection required

Well, it all depends on your property and local regulations. For instance, in California, the sale doesn’t include pest inspection. It can become a requirement if a buyer becomes suspicious and demands you have your home inspected.

A real estate agent can inform you about local regulations regarding pest inspection. Also, he can offer you a couple of referrals, but he’s not responsible for this part.

You should provide full access to the pest control company. In that case, they will perform an inspection and notify you about the results. If some of the areas are unavailable, then it’s your responsibility to clear them up and call the company again.

Perform a routine inspection once in a while

The traditional home inspection is focused on the overall condition of your property. In this case, you don’t have to include a company, but things you discover could point our pest related issues.

First of all, check for the foundation cracks or holes in the attic eaves. They are good examples of issues you might identify during the routine inspection. Next check for the evidence of an infestation, for example, chewed wiring, animal poop, disrupted insulation, and so on.

The last step is a visible infestation, which you detect during the routine inspection.