Pest Control Safe, Non-Toxic Methods & Solutions

Pest Control Safe, Non-Toxic Methods & Solutions

The safest way to exterminate pests

Having to deal with pests, either in the garden or in the house can be hard and frustrating and you might even think about using insecticides and pesticides to remove them. We understand your frustration but you shouldn’t poison yourself with chemicals that will harm the plants you eat and the air you breathe while they kill those pests.

There are alternatives to those poisons and we can provide them. Stick with us and we will reveal some of the natural and organic pesticides we use in our line of work.

Natural pesticides – Low toxicity alternative

You should use natural pesticides instead of those whose ingredients will cause harm. These are derived from plants that have attributes that will kill pests. They have little to no toxic effects, and they don’t harm the environment. They are classified as poisonous as they can cause harm to people if you use them too much. This is why it’s best to leave it to professionals.

Don’t use biological pesticides that work against all kinds of pests, use those that target particular species. This will reduce the chance of poisoning other beneficial insects in the garden. We tend to find out which pest is troubling the plants and then apply the correct natural pesticide to remove it from the backyard.

Oils and Soaps -A natural way to deal with pests

The usage of various oils and solvents for the extermination of pests is nothing new, and some of them are highly effective against certain pests.

A citrus known as rind is the source of the D-Limonene, which is a component of oil that is an excellent insecticide as it suffocates insects. We use it only for pest control in closed areas as that prevents damage to beneficial insects that live in the house and the garden.

Insecticidal soap contains fatty acids that kill the pest by collapsing their cells. It requires a direct application for success. Once it dries, it becomes useless so be careful of that.