Pest Control Safe, Non-Toxic Methods & Solutions

Pest Control Safe, Non-Toxic Methods & Solutions

The safest way to exterminate pests

Having to deal with pests, either in the garden or in the house can be hard and frustrating and you might even think about using insecticides and pesticides to remove them. We understand your frustration but you shouldn’t poison yourself with chemicals that will harm the plants you eat and the air you breathe while they kill those pests.

There are alternatives to those poisons and we can provide them. Stick with us and we will reveal some of the natural and organic pesticides we use in our line of work.

Natural pesticides – Low toxicity alternative

You should use natural pesticides instead of those whose ingredients will cause harm. These are derived from plants that have attributes that will kill pests. They have little to no toxic effects, and they don’t harm the environment. They are classified as poisonous as they can cause harm to people if you use them too much. This is why it’s best to leave it to professionals.

Don’t use biological pesticides that work against all kinds of pests, use those that target particular species. This will reduce the chance of poisoning other beneficial insects in the garden. We tend to find out which pest is troubling the plants and then apply the correct natural pesticide to remove it from the backyard.

Oils and Soaps -A natural way to deal with pests

The usage of various oils and solvents for the extermination of pests is nothing new, and some of them are highly effective against certain pests.

A citrus known as rind is the source of the D-Limonene, which is a component of oil that is an excellent insecticide as it suffocates insects. We use it only for pest control in closed areas as that prevents damage to beneficial insects that live in the house and the garden.

Insecticidal soap contains fatty acids that kill the pest by collapsing their cells. It requires a direct application for success. Once it dries, it becomes useless so be careful of that.


Natural Garden Pest Control

Natural Garden Pest Control

Prevent pests from ruining your garden

Insecticides and pesticides are unhealthy, and that is a fact. People who use them not only harm the environment, they also harm themselves. The usage of these things will remove the pests, but it will have an adverse effect on the health of people who eat the food from the garden which is not a good thing.

There is a natural way to protect your plants from pests, and we will share some details that will help you to keep your garden safe.

 Safe ways to protect your garden from pests

One way in which you can prevent pests from ruining your food is the creation of barriers and usage of natural repellents. A barrier can prevent particular insects or small animals from destroying your plants. Building a small wall around your will prevent crawling insects from reaching the goodies.

Another type of wall involves plants like spearmint and peppermint. You can plant these throughout the garden, and they will deter ants and aphids as they hate their fragrance. This is an excellent way to remove these pests without any effort.

Another way to protect your garden from unwanted guests is to mix certain plants in water and spread it in the backyard. Cedar will deter various types of worms, while lime will prevent snails from eating the plants.

Another harmful effect of the pesticides is that they kill beneficial insects that live in your garden. They present a strong line of defense against certain pests, so it’s a waste to kill them. You can also attract these beneficial insects by creating a habitat that is perfect for them. Do check what kind of pest you have to deal with before you attract these small guards. Praying mantis and lady beetle is only two out of many beneficial insects that will exterminate pests.

Turn toward biological pest control if all else fails

We use organic pesticides to eradicate pests in your garden. These pesticides aren’t harmful to humans, but they are deadly to pests. Call us if you don’t want to deal with those pests alone, and we will remove them without contaminating your garden with chemicals that will harm you.


What to Expect From The Segway

What to Expect From The Segway

The Segway – Professional pest control is here

We are a company that provides natural pest control help to those in need. Pests can destroy a garden in a short period, and thus we understand the need for fast response. Our motto is safe, swift and affordable and we stick to it. This means that we exterminate pests with pesticides that are natural and safe for people. We do try to act as fast as we can to prevent further damage from those pests. And also, you will find that our pricing is rather affordable if you compare us with well-known pest control companies.

Say no to synthetic pesticides – Choose a healthier alternative

The use of synthetic pesticides is wrong on so many levels. They pollute the environment, the plants and you, poisoning you on the pretext of protecting you from the pests. We believe that the use of those toxins is unethical because there are alternatives that aren’t poisonous to people or the environment and those options we use in our business.

Biopesticides we use don’t have any harmful residues aka they are 100% biodegradable. They aren’t pumping toxins into the environment you breathe, and thus they are excellent for dealing with pests in a natural way. Another advantage of Biopesticides is that they are cheap and thus we can provide our service for less money than traditional pest control businesses.

It’s also important to say that the effect of the Biopesticides on the environment and pests is better than the effect that synthetic pesticides have. These toxins pollute the earth and turn it into the barren soil in which nothing will grow. They also cause many illnesses.

Biopesticides have cons, but they are still a better option

Many anti-biopesticide people claim that Biopesticides work too slow to make any difference in the garden or the house. Well, it’s true that they can’t work instantly as synthetically created poisons work, but they do work, and in the long run they are better. It all comes down to you, whether you want a slow-working biological pesticide which won’t poison your food or a fast-working synthetic toxin that will kill all pests as well as have a negative influence on your health.