There are tons of animals and insects that are always looking for a new home, and when they are unwanted they are called pests. Whenever a home is neglected in several aspects, that is when the pests strike, and once they come in and make their home in yours, it’s hard to get them kicked out. As everyone wants to have a pest free home we have some universal tips that will help you protect your home better and provide less of a buffer for these little buggers to make your home their home. If you want to call professionals like Crazylegs Pest Control to do the work for you that is a great idea, as sometimes you just can’t handle all the issues your home can have with a pest infestation.

1. Use sticky traps

There is nothing better than setting up a few sticky traps all over your home where you won’t see it and then later checking and replacing the trap if it did get something in it. Set a few glued up sticky traps on the corners of areas where you will usually see lots of pests, for instance in your bathroom, your kitchen and in the entrance of your home. If you have an attack this will also be a perfect place to set a few traps. You will catch anything that does not have wings and that has to crawl all over your floor. Sometimes you will also be able to catch something bigger like a mouse or even worse a rat, so don’t be afraid to put more glue if you think that could be a possibility.

2. Clean the kitchen area

The place where you eat is also the place where your pests will also try and get a few grubs. The more your kitchen is in shambles the more pests will be hiding in corners and cracks that you have in your kitchen. To avoid a big problem and a potential health hazard, you should definitely clean your kitchen. Another great thing to do while you are trying to get rid of pests is to clean your dirty dishes as soon as you are finished with your meals.

3. Seal up the cracks

sealing-up-cracksAfter you have started cleaning your home more often, and if the pests are still present, the next step is to start sealing up the cracks you have in your walls and floors. Go to your local hardware store and get some silicone caulk and start closing up those holes.

4. Vacuum more

The fact of the matter is that the less you clean your home the more problems you will have with pests. Everyone eats around the house a few times, and it’s those times that the little bits of food end up under the bed or under the couch. If you want to lessen the chance that the pests will get to that piece of food, you have to vacuum more.

5. Leaky pipes are a problem

Another thing to keep in mind even if your home is clean is that lots of pests need water and that they thrive in moist areas. If you have a leak somewhere you have to fix it asap!